In the Grace of Beautiful Stars

Written during NaNoWriMo, the yet-to-be published YA novel tells the story of a desperate 15-year-old who tries to save her family from homelessness by using her special discovered gift, but she soon realizes there is a larger answer than finding money.

The Fire Painter, A Novel

A literary novel with commercial appeal, the yet-to-be-published novel is about a 30-something woman who tries to recover the things she lost to a fire through thrifting but finds something better: art. Plus, there’s a love interest with a band’s lead singer.

A Bar Girl’s Starry Nights

The soon-to-be-small press-published novel tells the story of a 20-something waitress who parties too much and a much older man with a broken heart. Through their newfound friendship, they help each other work toward a life of meaning and a new love of art.

Writing and Editing Tips

Shelley Widhalm blogs on a regular basis to provide fast and fun writing and editing tips and give a glimpse into the life of a writer. See samples of her novels, short stories and poetry, plus get great creative advice!

Shelley has been writing professionally for about 20 years as a journalist and freelance writer. She writes novels, short stories and poems and has written a few flash fiction stories of 1,000 words or less. Her style is mainstream with a literary flair, and she writes young adult and adult fiction.

Shelley also provides consultations on writing and editing at Shell’s Ink Services.

Shelley Widhalm has her notebook on hand at a recent inspirational conference.

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